Add 2x More Music Than Ever Before

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Here at Bluesound we love collecting music, and it’s not just for the tracks themselves but also for the experiences that collecting music offers. It’s what makes music fun — discovering a new artist or band and telling all your friends to add it to their rotation. Music, as a whole, has more to offer today than ever before — from 24/7 streaming services to the rebirth of vinyl— and Bluesound has long supported the different ways you like to enjoy your music. That’s why we made a significant upgrade to Bluesound’s music index with the latest BluOS software, available via upgrade starting today.

“Bluesound is pleased to be able to serve the needs of true music lovers everywhere,” said Greg Stidsen, Bluesound Director of Technology and Product Planning. “The new changes will also give us abilities to expand functionality further. I don’t want to give too much away right now, but we do have some exciting developments coming soon around user-defined sorting for example.”

With BluOS 2.6.1, large music collections of up to 200,000 tracks can be indexed from a network drive, iTunes library, or any other music folder stored on your PC. Increasing the track limit has been a top ask from our community for a while, and we’re very excited to say that we’ve doubled the previous limit of 100,000 tracks. Got a huge library that you want off your computer and onto your speakers, or how about a tower of CDs looming in your living room? Simply store the music library or CDs on a networked device, setup a network share with your Bluesound Player, and watch as years of music is added to your local library inside the BluOS app.

With your entire music collection now synced inside the BluOS app, everything is searchable by simply typing in the artist, album or track that you want to hear. It’s that easy, and now that much better with more space to house the music you already have— no matter where it lives.

For more details on the new 200,000 track library index, head over and talk to the Bluesound Support crew here.