Bluesound Beats the Competition in Business Insider Review

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“I won’t beat around the bush. The Bluesound Pulse 2 is significantly better than the Sonos Play: 5,” says writer Matthew DeBord. In his review for Business Insider, DeBord says the distinctions between the two speakers were obvious from the start. “I could hear the difference, vividly, every time I sampled the device’s talents.”

Streaming lossless tracks from Tidal, DeBord says Bluesound’s flagship all-in-one speaker outperformed the Sonos Play:5 when it came to all genres of music. “The Pulse 2 pushed right past the Play:5, establishing an unbeatable lead that was clear on rock, pop, jazz, blues, classical — you name it.”

When it came time to provide music for a party he was hosting in his backyard, DeBord chose the PULSE 2 and was impressed by its performance. “The sound was beyond room-filling. At modest volume, it took over my not large but hardly small yard, suffusing every corner with lovely tones.”


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