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It’s that time of the year again to start making a list and checking it twice before you invest in gifts for your loved ones. Whether they are a record collector, beginner audiophile or deep into HiFi, Bluesound has something for every type of music lover that will minimize clutter and make hi-res music listening accessible and enjoyable. To make your shopping easier, here are three of our favorite products this holiday season

PULSE FLEX 2i – Introduce them to Hi-Res Sound

PULSE FLEX 2i on a table

The PULSE FLEX 2i is the perfect all-in-one speaker that is easy to setup and although small, packs a ton of power. As the smallest speaker in the Bluesound family, its convenient size allows you to place two in a room, pair them together for stereo sound, or even take one out on the back deck with the optional rechargeable PULSE FLEX battery pack. The PULSE FLEX 2i is a great starter gift that lets your loved ones enjoy hi-res streaming in compact spaces, with minimal cables and minimal setup requirements

NODE – Get them into Streaming

Bluesound NODE Streamer

Unlock the power of streaming. As the world’s leading hi-res, multi-room streamer, the NODE is perfect for the hi-fi enthusiast who has yet to get into streaming. All you have to do is connect the NODE to an existing amplifier or set of powered speakers to begin a multi-room Bluesound ecosystem. Using the BluOS Controller app, stream from an endless library of music – dozens of streaming services, your own digital music library and internet radio stations. Be assured that your music is being driven by the best technology – equipped with a state-of-the-art Quad-Core 1.8GHz ARM® Cortex™ A53 processor and a 32-bit/384khz premium DAC design, the NODE supports MQA, FLAC and other hi-res audio file formats with a sample rate of up to 24-bit/192kHz for bit-perfect, musical bliss.

HUB – Expand their Bluesound Ecosystem

Bluesound HUB with LP player

The HUB is a versatile network accessory that lets users bring audio sources into the Bluesound ecosystem easily and efficiently. For those who don’t want to sacrifice more living space for racks, wires and hefty audio equipment but already have Bluesound players in the home, place something like a turntable or CD player anywhere in a room and connect it to a HUB to send the audio from the device to any Bluesound player. No longer be limited by proximity or geography of your players when you can connect a HUB to legacy audio sources and control where their audio is going with a few taps on the BluOS Controller app. The HUB also serves as a great way to play TV audio through to players in a Bluesound ecosystem thanks to the HDMI eARC connectivity option. Share TV audio across multiple rooms wirelessly — for instance, broadcast the audio from a sports game to another room to keep up with the action. With a wide range of use cases, the Bluesound HUB is a handy accessory for anyone looking to expand their networked Bluesound ecosystem.

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