Bluesound Wins Best Home Music System of 2017

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Electronic House, one of the leading publications on integrated home technologies, has named Bluesound as the Best Home Music System of 2017. Chosen by a panel of judges who base their decisions on attributes such as uniqueness, innovation, and practical benefits to end users, Bluesound rose above the rest thanks to its performance and design.

“The new line-up of multiroom wireless, streaming digital music players, along with two entirely new models, features a fresh, compact industrial design, enhanced features, and reengineered performance,” says the publication. Ultimately, however, it was Bluesound’s ability to bring outstanding musical detail to any situation that won over the judges. “Every room has a different acoustic requirement and Bluesound has a player to fit every situation, from night table alarm to party room disco.”

Following an award for Best Wireless Speaker System of 2016 from Secrets of Home Theatre & High-Fidelity, Bluesound continues to shine amongst audiophiles and music lovers everywhere.

Best Home Music streaming system