Everything You Need to Know About the New BluOS Desktop App

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Behind the scenes, the development team at BluOS have worked tirelessly to create a fluid experience for desktop and mobile users alike. While BluOS mobile users have seen crucial advancements made in the areas of design and functionality, desktop users were beginning to feel a little left behind.

Enter the BluOS Desktop App 3.0.

This latest update to the BluOS Desktop app acknowledges feedback from BluOS users and addresses them head-on. Refined with a fresh, modern look that mirrors the BluOS mobile app experience, the all-new BluOS Desktop app makes listening to music on Bluesound and NAD better than ever. Below are some must-know features for all desktop users.

Stream Local Music From Your Computer
One major benefit of this new update is that desktop users now have access to the Local Share feature. With Local Share, users can find music stored directly on their computer and stream it through BluOS.

Take Control
With its new and improved layout, the BluOS Desktop app gives users quick and easy access to music controls. Play, pause or skip tracks at your own discretion and hear music the way you want.

Create Fixed Groups
Thanks to BluOS’ Fixed Groups feature, desktop users can now easily pair two PULSE speakers together for stereo playback, or create a fixed multi-Player group with just a few simple steps.

Browse Freely
A simplified browse model within the BluOS Desktop app now allows users to filter search results, showing them the albums, artists and songs they want to hear when browsing their local music library.

All-Access Pass
User feedback on accessing the Navigation Drawer in the Desktop app was heard loud and clear. With this update users can easily access the Navigation Drawer and all of its options, including Player Settings and the Help Desk.

BluOs Desktop App 3.0

The Search is On
The new BluOS Desktop app comes complete with an updated search design that displays results in categories like songs, artists, albums, and many others.

Refinement in Spades
Aside from an update to the Navigation Drawer, the new BluOS Desktop app also features a refined Player Drawer that gives users easy access to all BluOS enabled devices whenever they need them.

Choose Your Source
While the Player Drawer not only looks sleeker than before, it also gives users the option to change/select the input of BluOS Enabled devices from NAD Electronics.

Full Support
Users will be happy to learn that the updated BluOS Desktop app is supported on both macOS and Windows, including high-resolution 4k displays and touch interfaces.

Control with Continuity
For all its new features, one thing users are sure to notice is the synergy between the design of the BluOS mobile app and the BluOS desktop app. A streamlined design now makes working across phones, tablets and desktops more seamless and fluid than ever before.


Download the new BluOS Desktop app now from bluesound.com or nadelectronics.com