FollowMe, Everything is All Right

The latest BluOS software, brings an even better multi-room listening experience to Bluesound with improved grouping logic for stereo pairing and fixed groups and support for FollowMe™

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We’d like you to meet FollowMe — one of the coolest new features included in the latest BluOS release. Picture this, you create the perfect playlist to listen to in your bedroom but now you want to blast it all over the main floor for your upcoming party — not just have it bouncing off the walls of your bedroom. That’s where FollowMe comes in.

Follow me app icon

Simply tap the FollowMe icon beside a Player (above) in the Player Drawer to seamlessly transfer the current play queue to any Room or Player you’d like. Are you moving from the living room to the patio and want your music to follow you? FollowMe lets you listen freely, anywhere in the house, instead of having to re-build the play queue when you want to move from room to room.

But that’s not all for the new BluOS release — there’s more.

We’ve also added a new feature called Fixed Groups. Using a rich, interactive multi-step set up for Fixed Groups in the Player Drawer, you can easily pair two PULSE speakers together for stereo playback, or create a fixed multi-Player group with a few simple steps. It’s now easier than ever to set up and adjust your Bluesound Players in the app, with advanced context menus that include multi-Player settings for balance, fade and more.

Learn more of the tips & tricks for our new Fixed Groups here, or download the full release notes from

Now go crank up the music.