Four Ways to Get the Most out of Your PULSE SOUNDBAR+

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Looking for ways to conserve space in your home cinema? Redesigning the living room with a modern feel? There are many reasons to opt for a soundbar instead of choosing traditional floor standing speakers when designing a home theater. Here are four ways to get the most out of the PULSE SOUNDBAR+ when creating your ideal home cinema.

1. Let it Compliment the Room

Large floor standing speakers take up space and eat up the area surrounding your TV. A more economical solution like the PULSE SOUNDBAR+, is wall-mountable, designed as a single unit and conveniently doubles as an architectural statement with its sleek, minimal aesthetic. As traditional surround speakers get messy with the need to connect various wires and cables to a receiver, the wireless or single-wired options of the PULSE SOUNDBAR+ allow cables to be hidden from view while still serving its purpose. Choose from a white or black finish depending on what best suits the space.

2. Get the Best Sound

Despite its small form factor, the SOUNDBAR+ does not disappoint in sound quality. To optimize its sound features, choose a space away from loud areas of the house like the living room or basement where there is more acoustic isolation to fully enjoy its powerful 24-bit high resolution sound quality that levels up to the realism and emotion of an 8K TV. An enhanced Dolby Atmos feature takes the PULSE SOUNDBAR+ to another level, with the ability to create an enveloping, 3D soundstage in the comfort of a residential home. With the Dolby Atmos spatial audio integration, you can feel like you are stepping into the scene of your favorite TV show, hearing objects fly past you in a video game, or listening to your favorite song with ultimate definition and clarity. Complete your immersive sound setup by adding a PULSE SUB+ or a pair of rear channel PULSE FLEXs to the SOUNDBAR+.

3. A Mode for Every Occasion

The PULSE SOUNDBAR+ can double as both a high-definition music player and an immersive sound system. Depending on listener preference, the PULSE SOUNDBAR+ settings offer four different listening profiles: Movie, Music, Late Night and Off. The Dolby Atmos integrated settings are available for each listening profile, on any connected source. Turn on the Movie setting when watching highly saturated content like action movies or playing interactive video games. Transition to playing background music for an intimate dinner party by switching the setting to Music. For those quiet evenings when the kids are sleeping, turn on Late Night mode when you still want to enjoy some downtime at the TV without waking them up.

4. Have Full Control

One of the best parts about the PULSE SOUNDBAR+ is that you can be anywhere in the house and still be able to activate its functions. Easily switch the music, turn the TV on, and toggle between a mode on the SOUNDBAR+ using a phone, tablet, remote control or through voice activation. Using BluOS technology, users have full control of multi-zone streaming as well as hands-free voice control with Amazon Alexa Skills, Actions on Google and Siri via the Apple Home App. Have full control the SOUNDBAR+ with the sound of your voice or the touch of a button on your phone. If you prefer using a remote, any IR remote can also be programmed to work with the SOUNDBAR+.
Pulse Soundbar+ Black

Value is king when it comes to choosing a soundbar – and Bluesound’s PULSE SOUNDBAR+ is nothing short of providing its user with the best of all worlds in design, performance, and function. The PULSE SOUNDBAR+ pushes the limits of home audio with its sleek, beautiful design, epic 3D soundstage and user-friendly interface.

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