Home Theatre HiFi Review- PULSE 2 Makes Whole-Home Audio a Breeze

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In Secrets of Home Theatre and High-Fidelity’s review of the PULSE 2, writer Chris Eberle uses the word “engaging” when describing his overall experience with Bluesound’s flagship speaker. “You might find your next group of party guests distracted by the engaging sound coming from [the] PULSE 2,” says Eberle. Diving deep into the world of BluOS, Bluesound’s music management technology, Eberle was impressed by the multitude of music platforms he was met with.

“Using the BluOS operating system, it opens the door to thousands of Internet radio stations, pulls in music from local media servers, and streams via Bluetooth from the device of your choice,” says Eberle. “I had a ball surfing the thousands of streaming channels available through BluOS.” When it came time to select music to listen to, Eberle first looked to classical pieces from Mstislav Rostropivch and Alexandre Tharoud. However, it was when Eberle listened to a remastered version of The Doors’ classic 1967 self-titled albumthat he felt a different type of listening experience. “It had a huge presence, as if I were right in the studio with the musicians.”

“If you’re looking for something simple, flexible, elegant, and convenient, the Bluesound Pulse 2 All-In-One Streaming Music System has few, if any peers,” says Eberle. “As a lifestyle product, the Bluesound Pulse 2 earns my highest recommendation.”

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