Monthly Mix: December 2018

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Bluesound’s Monthly Mix, curated in-house by our staff, brings you all the songs we’ve had stuck on repeat for the past 30 days. This month’s playlist features our favorite songs of 2018, with tracks by Ariana Grande, Muse, Odesza, Kendrick Lamar, and more.

Here’s a few of our top picks:

7) “Break It to Me” – Muse 

Muse Simulation Theory Album Artwork

Picking a song of the year is a tricky undertaking. Do I pick one from previous months or do I choose something totally new? In the end I picked a track from an album I just started listening to. Muse’s latest album Simulation Theory is a mix of new and old songs, featuring remixed versions. Songs like “Break It to Me” are amazing, while the remixed versions are so good you’ll forget what the originals sounded like. —Kevin

6) “Without Me” – Halsey 

Halsey Without Me Single Artwork

Halsey’s “Without Me” is a touching rendition of a woman’s stance on what a broken relationship is like, and how it festers in today’s social media ridden society. —Gurtaj

5) “Loyal” – ODESZA 

Odessa A Moment Apart Album art

This cinematic track will make you feel like you’re watching an epic movie in your head. The horns and drums alone will give you goosebumps. Hand down the most underrated song of 2018. —Logan

4) “Powerglide” – Rae Sremmurd feat. Juicy J 

Rae Sremmurd SR3MM Album Art

Rae Sremmurd’s “Powerglide” is undoubtedly the dopest song of 2018, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. The second you hear that first beat you’re instantly filled with an overwhelming sense of hype. Beyond being an amazing song, “Powerglide” has a wonderful music video and features notable Academy Award winner Jordan (Juicy J) Michael Houston. —Daniel

3) “Happier” – Marshmello feat. Bastille

Happier Marshmello Bastille Single Art

In 2018 most songs about love sounded romantic and uplifting, but a closer listen revealed that were generally more about losing love. This trend continues in “Happier” by British band Bastille and the masked DJ/Fortnite player, Marshmello. On “Happier,” Bastille frontman Dan Smith sings about how, despite loving someone, he is willing to set them free so that they can go on to pursue actual happiness for themselves…a kind of happiness he cannot provide. For me, the song begs the question: do people truly care to stay in love anymore? Or are they “happier” to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all? —Andrew 

2) “Silver Lining” – Mt. Joy 


Mt Joy Album Art

A good ‘ol vintage rock song that has a nostalgic feel, Mt. Joy’s hit single “Silver Lining” builds from a straightforward Southern-style riff that is perfect for those hot days hanging out in the grass at summer festivals. If you haven’t chanted along with this Philly-based band yet get this track into the mix and let go of this year’s frustrations as singer Matt Quinn calls for change. —Scott

1) “Make Me Feel” – Janelle Monáe

Dirty Computer Janelle Monae Album Art

A celebratory anthem about truth and love, Janelle Monáe’s “Make Me Feel” proved to be one of the most infectious songs of the year. Appearing on her latest album Dirty Computer, “Make Me Feel” finds Monáe shedding her Archandroid persona and revealing her true self, allowing listeners to connect with her in a way they hadn’t before. Bold, vibrant and electric, “Make Me Feel” is Monáe at her best. —Aaron