Monthly Mix: June 2018

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Bluesound is excited to introduce our first Monthly Mix playlist. Curated in-house by our team, the playlist brings you all the tracks we’ve had stuck in our heads for the past 30 days. The playlist will be updated on the last Friday of every month and will feature a wide range of music, both classic and new.

This month’s edition features everything from Leon Bridges to The Dirty Nil. Below are just a few of our favorites.


5) “The Light Is Coming” – Ariana Grande feat. Nicki Minaj 

Ariana Grande The Light Is Coming Single Artwork

Following last year’s tragedy at the Manchester Arena, many people had assumed that Ariana Grande was going to retreat for a while, and rightfully so. However, Ariana is back and proving once again why she’s the queen of Pop. Produced by Pharrell, “The Light Is Coming” is both infectious and weird, and its overall message of hope is one that the world desperately needs right now. —Aaron

4) “Bad News” – Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges Good Thing Album Cover Artwork

This track has a great punchy base line that just makes you want to ‘shake it’ while making dinner. I especially love the line, “I don’t worry ’bout people in my face/ Hit ’em with style and grace and watch their ankles break.”       — Kevin 

3) “Miami” – Will Smith 

Will Smith Big Willie Style Artwork

“Miami” by Will Smith is often referred to as an exemplary work of ’90s modern art, and is unquestionably Will Smith’s greatest achievement, which is quite a feat. Eclipsing such genre defining masterpieces as “Wild Wild West,” “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit it” and “Summer Time,” “Miami” manages to combine Pop synths, R&B vibes and Latin charm. This song is both entertaining and delivers a strong multicultural message. Let this song teleport you to a warmer place and a simpler time! — Daniel

2) “Nevermind” – Dennis Lloyd 

Dennis Lloyd Nevermind Cover Artwork

What I like most about Dennis Lloyd’s “Nevermind” is that it’s a smooth, mid-tempo beat that provides a big breath of fresh air from today’s dance scene. An easy listen for road trips, chilling at the beach, or kicking back with friends, “Nevermind” has a tropical feel that makes it the perfect summer anthem. Honestly though, I can’t think of a playlist right now that this track isn’t on. But I can’t take all the credit for discovering this chart-smasher last year. I owe that to Spotify and its Discover Weekly playlists, which I absolutely love. To think how I would have never discovered an international artist like this without a service like Spotify, truly makes me appreciate the way music streaming services are connecting people with new sounds around the world. — Scott

 1) “Dance To This” – Troye Sivan feat. Ariana Grande 

Dance To This Troye Sivan Ariana Grande Artwork

It seems like June has been the month of Ariana, and this collab with Troye Sivan caps it all for me. I probably would have passed over this track as just another bubble gum pop song, but the thematic, beautiful, bending guitar line and the drum tom feature of the bridge really caught my ear. Add in a catchy-as-heck chorus and great male-female vocal harmonies, and I can’t help but press the repeat button. — Matt