The POWERNODE EDGE Delivers Big Sound in a Small Package

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Looking to start or extend your Bluesound ecosystem to more areas of your home? Hesitant to make another big investment? Bluesound’s newest compact streaming amplifier, the POWERNODE EDGE, is the one for you.

Continuing Bluesound’s line of award-winning streaming amplifiers, the POWERNODE EDGE boasts nothing short of premium amplification – and it comes in an astonishingly compact unit. Fueled by a conservatively rated 2 x 40W DirectDigital amplifier, the POWERNODE EDGE supports a wide range of audio experiences including playback of MQA as well as hi-res audio tracks up to 24-bit/192kHz. The DirectDigital™ system combines an amp and digital to analog convertor in one, while a closed-loop design uses good feedback to compensate for the passive components required in the amplifier. The result – a blissful, clean signal that eradicates distortion and brings out the best sound in any recording.

POWERNODE EDGE on a dresser between two tower speakers

Like all Bluesound products, the POWERNODE EDGE is designed to streamline your music listening by functioning as both an amplifier and music streamer. Its size and sound makes it a great fit for many different use cases and defies all expectations for how big a high-performance amp should be. As a 2-channel mini system, all you have to do is add a pair of passive speakers, and instantly, you have a stunning listening experience. This means it can serve as an alternative option to a streaming soundbar but with even wider stereo separation, be used to power a set of rear-channel surround speakers in a wireless home theatre, or be placed in a home office space powering a set of bookshelf speakers, to name few examples. The POWERNODE EDGE is a testament that great sound can indeed come in small packages, and that you don’t need excessively large units to build a top-tier sound system.


So how does the POWERNODE EDGE compare to its big brother the POWERNODE? The mini-size of the EDGE which is comparable to an average hardcover book means you can easily hide it away on shelves, under credenzas, or even wall-mount it with the included bracket. This frees up the real estate that larger units like the POWERNODE would typically take. With a smaller size comes greater affordability – priced at nearly half the cost of the POWERNODE, your options of ‘starting’ or ‘extending’ your Bluesound ecosystem become less of a burden. You can also let the POWERNODE EDGE take the backseat in a more passive listening area

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It’s time to get creative with this ‘do-it-yourself’ hifi for the modern streaming age. Turn any space into a sonic haven just by adding speakers to this handy ‘mini’ hi-res streamer and amplifier. Thanks to the BluOS platform which underpins all Bluesound products, you can instantly stream access nearly all the music ever recorded at the convenience of the BluOS Controller app. With the POWERNODE EDGE, an unrivaled listening experience is just at your fingertips

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